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Relentless Defender - C.O.P.S. "St. Michael - Protect Us"

Relentless Defender - C.O.P.S. "St. Michael - Protect Us"

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"St. Michael - Protect Us" from Relentless Defender Apparel.

Show your support for C.O.P.S. with this St. Michael- Protect Us t-shirt. With a true Relentless Defender design and quality, this is surely a t-shirt to add to your collection.

"For centuries, Saint Michael has been revered as the protector of Police Officers and Military personnel. His image has been a beacon of hope, reminding our heroes of the divine protection that watches over them as they face the challenges of their duty. This shirt is an embodiment of that protective spirit, designed for those who serve and those who support them," ReLEntless Defender

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