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We first came to hear of C.O.P.S. thru a tragedy that happened in our area.  It was a devastating event where Office Jaime Cox was killed in the line of duty.  With the news coverage of this case being so large, when his funeral happened, it was also in the media.  As printers in the area, the family and friends of Office Cox reached out to us for some printing services.  It was at that time we chose to actively search for a non profit that actually makes a difference, where our donations would go for some GOOD, not just administration fees.  And that is when we heard about C.O.P.S. and what they were do for these devastating families.  We immediately felt like this was a cause we could put 100% support behind. 

I love everything this organization stands for!  To be there at the worst point of someone’s life, the devastating loss of a loved one, and to say “Here, let me take care of you for a while, let me take care of that for you” is immeasurable!  I would hate to feel the devastation the family is feeling.  The insurmountable pressure to handle everything, the insurance, the funeral, the family, the children…while grieving is totally unthinkable to me.  And to have that burden lifted just so the family can do what they need to do, grieve is beyond words.  And to ALWAYS have the support of this organization, to help hold them up throughout life is remarkable.





We enjoy being a part of something bigger than ourselves.  And we love that our donations go toward actually helping people, and not administration fees.  Although we hate that there is a need for C.O.P.S., we understand the purpose and I can’t think of a better way to help those that sacrifice so much to help us. 


We have designed several yard signs to honor the men and women that sacrificed their lives, and the ones that still go to work everyday and sacrifice for our safety.  Our “Honor the Fallen” yard sign was designed in memory of Officer Cox.  Our “This House Backs the Badge” sign is intended to show support for those that are still on the job making the sacrifices every day.  And our “Hero” signs are for officers to show pride in themselves and the work they do. 



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